About Me

Innovator, OpenSource Enthusiast and Scrum Master at heart

Hello! I'm Arne Schubert, a passionate software engineer and architect based in Bonn, Germany. With a strong foundation in physics and optics from my studies at the University of Bonn and FH Remagen, I have developed extensive expertise in software development in the last 25 years, particularly in the fields of identity, web technologies, IT security and app development.

Over the past decade, I've had the privilege of working with several esteemed organizations, including the OpenSource Mapbender Project at WhereGroup GmbH & Co. KG and dynamic UI composition for the REWE online store for REWE digital GmbH. My roles have ranged from developer, technical product owner, architect to head of engineering.

At the moment I am strategizing and innovating payment solutions in the Product Lab of paymenttools.

I am an active contributor to the open-source community, maintaining several popular packages on GitHub and participating in initiatives like NOBID Consortium, FOSSGIS and OSGeo. I have developed the proof of concept for the payment use-case of the European Digital Identity Wallet (EUDIW) as a member of the NOBID Consortium. One of my published library has been showcased as an Application Showcase by the Node.js Foundation, and I've had the opportunity to present at numerous conferences, including FOSS4G, FrOSCon, Meetups and at the University of Bonn as a lecturer.

In addition to my technical pursuits, I am also a DJ, producer with my own build sound system which fits on a bike. My passion for music blends seamlessly with my technical skills, allowing me to create unique experiences both online and offline.

With a commitment to continuous learning and community involvement, I strive to push the boundaries of technology and innovation.

Let's connect and create something amazing together!


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Email: info@atd-schubert.com